Things you will need


1) CAMERA- I will be taking pictures on the boat, but make sure to bring a camera in the event you don’t have an i-phone or similar device. 

2) JACKETS/RAINGEAR- The weather changes quickly on lake Michigan, so be equipped in case of rain or bad weather.

 3) NON -SLIP SHOES- For your comfort and safty, it is suggested you wear a pair of non-slip, soft soled shoes.

4) LUNCH & DRINKS- You are welcome to bring aboard whatever your choice of food and beverage to make it a special day on the water for you and your crew.

5) COOLER (for transporting fish)- It is not necessary to bring a large cooler for your fish aboard. I have adequate space to store your catch and keep them on ice. At the end of your trip your fish will be bagged. Fish cleaning is available during your charter.

6) LICENSES- If you already have an Illinois fishing license~ bring it. Please make sure you have a salmon/trout Lake Michigan stamp on the back of your license. If you do not have a fishing license and stamp you can 
get them online at